Yasir Imtiaz Awan

Director, Corporate Finance

YASIR IMTIAZ AWAN, accredited as a Senior Business Minded Growth Leader – Banking / Finance, I bring to the table my 20 years of extensive experience in the areas of Strategic Planning, Strategic Planning, Business Development, Finance Management, SME Banking, E-Commerce Operations, Relationship Building, Trade Finance Operations, Financial Institution, Islamic Banking, Retail Banking (Assets and Liabilities Sales), Information Technology, P&L Accountability, Product Development, Market Intelligence, Integrated Business Solutions, Advertising & Marketing Campaigns, Publication Marketing, and Team Leadership.


Dynamic and Value-Oriented Business Executive possessing verified proficiency with exposure of over 2 decades with repeated success in turnaround situations – expertise in handling entire business development, key account management, P&L management, and delivering holistic solutions to carve a niche in highly competitive markets, and constantly producing sustained revenue and growth. Skilled in taking strategic initiatives to position business ahead of the competition while driving revenue growth.

Possesses a cohesive set of competencies in identifying and formulating strategic opportunities for the business to diversify the consumer base and gain an additional market share. Impressive record in delivering innovative, high-quality, properly built products to market efficiently, closing competitive gaps, cementing a competitive edge in the market, and bolstering bottom-line financial results.

Standout experience in optimizing the entire value chain of the banking business. Adroit in various verticals of the banking business, such as business development, real estate projects, product development, marketing research analysis, integrated business solutions, Islamic banking, trade finance, branch banking, IT, and Retail Banking.

Yasir Imtiaz Awan also blogs and writes articles for some news website covering broad spectrum of socio-economic issues. Having MBA in Marketing & Information Technology he is “repeatedly selected to champion turnaround, high-growth, and improvement initiatives that led to dramatic revenue growth, industry reputation, and market advantage.”

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