Cyber Security Services

Security Management, Incident Response, Forensics Analysis, Threat Hunting, Remediation Service.

ESMC provides complete managed services for Security Management, Incident Response, Forensics Analysis, Threat Hunting, and Remediation Services. We have a team of experts who work with customers to deliver end-to-end cybersecurity services. This protects organizations from the threats that exist from malicious and accidental data breaches.

Cyber Security Services include

Managed Security Services

ESMC Managed Security Services offers 24/7 Security Monitoring, management, and response to advanced threats, risks, and compliance needs. At ESMC we have complete security solutions as a service to help protect your systems, networks, and people.

A security operations Centre is responsible for ensuring that possible security incidents are promptly and correctly identified. We have a dedicated team to analyze traffic flow and monitor the risks of potential threats and any attacks. Some of our services include:

  • Continuous Monitoring
    • Firewall
       Breach Detection
       IPS/IDS (Intrusion)
       Prevention System/Intrusion Detection System)
       SIEM (Security Information and Event Management)
  • Log Collection
  • Alert Management
  • RCA (Root Cause Analysis)
  • Compliance Audit

Application Security

Our expert engineers and partnerships with industry major vendors will help in Application security. This is the process of developing, adding, and testing security features within applications to prevent security vulnerabilities against threats such as unauthorized access and modification. Our expert team will assist to secure the software development life cycle to development.

Data Security

Our dedicated team will assist in the practice of protecting digital information from unauthorized access, corruption, or theft throughout its entire lifecycle. We will assist in protecting digital information from unauthorized access.

Network Security

Our team will assist to stop attacks at the Edge of the network. We will help to protect the usability and integrity of your infrastructure by preventing entry within a network of a wide variety of potential threats. We will help your business to prevent attacks at Edge and increase business productivity.

Penetration Testing Service

Our expert team will help to protect your business with the industry’s leading cybersecurity vendors. We help you look at how attackers could exploit your vulnerabilities and guidance on how to stop them with our pen testing services.

Digital Transformation Security

Our team of experts in the Security domain is available to help businesses to overcome the challenges of the dynamic and continuous world by complying with security standards. This is done by providing Security Operation Centre (SOC), building secure services, security architecture & engineering, and transforming securely to the cloud.