Network infrastructure

Network infrastructure and connectivity is constantly evolving.

With applications moving to SaaS, and workloads transitioning to the cloud, high-quality access to communications is a core requirement for business. Our team of experts can help maximize throughput, resiliency, and security of Network infrastructure and connectivity.

At ESMC we specialize in network infrastructure solutions, including Firewall, fibre optic cable, switching, and routers. We also provide network monitoring, security, and disaster recovery services. Our dedicated team of professionals and state-of-the-art facilities have enabled us to provide reliable, cost-effective solutions to our clients in a timely manner.

Our Solutions

Monitoring & Automation

Respond to network issues in real-time and dive deep into problems with a dedicated team who get automatic alerts. We have multiple tools to ensure we look after your systems and keep them up to date to assist our customers, so their users are always connected to the business & have access to critical resources that they need to do their job.


Our Expert team can assist in seamless and secure access to resources everywhere using SD-WAN solutions. We can assist to deploy SD-WAN features and manage services tailored to your organization’s unique requirements. Through intelligent design and next-generation network capabilities, your SD-WAN deployment will form the backbone of your organization’s digital transformation strategy. ESMC can assist you whether you are implementing new connectivity or migrating your existing connections from MPLS or leased line. SD-WAN outperforms traditional MPLS networks by intelligently routing SaaS-based traffic whilst centrally managing network and security policies. Our team will help to connect and protect branch offices and remote sites on a global scale quickly and securely.

Data Centre Networking

At ESMC we have highly certified engineers that can assist to build reliable and high-performance network solutions. Our team focus to creates a network that excels in availability, security, scalability, and performance. We work with different vendors to create cost-effective solutions for our customers. Data centers contain physical or virtual servers that are connected internally and externally through networking and communication equipment to store, transfer and access digital information. Data center networking in computer networks is a complex arrangement of network devices such as routers, switches, and interfaces. We have a global presence and our team can help you to set up complex connectivity. ESMC specialists can assist in Networking solutions for the data center that supports your digital transformation and simplify your business. We work with a global vendor like Equinix and support our customers from colocation to cross-connect. We have a team of experts who will support your Data Centre devices and application in realtime.

Campus LAN Networks

ESMC’s certified engineers can assist in designing and implementing basic networks to large-scale LAN and WAN solutions. We understand designing LAN could be challenging, there is so much variety that it becomes difficult to pick which devices are right for your network. We work with all major vendors and have a team of certified engineers who will assist in designing reliable and secure LAN solutions.

Wireless Networks

The wireless communication revolution is bringing fundamental changes to data networking, and telecommunication, and is making integrated networks a reality. We understand wireless connections are a critical element in the workplace. Our Expert engineers can assist in wireless network solutions that meet the needs of all employees, regardless of their physical location in the office.
Our certified engineers will review your network, wireless and server infrastructures to design a networking solution that will bring wireless efficiency to your workplace.