Cloud Development Solutions

Digital transformation activities such as data centre migration, consolidation, or moving to the apps and your workload to cloud aren’t a point-in-time activity.

We’ll work closely with your IT team and managed service providers to migrate apps, workflows, and whole enterprise infrastructures.

Using AI & Machine Learning; ESMC’s migration tools and an extensive team of skilled cloud experts on board, we are fully equipped to help you develop cloud-native apps or move your existing applications to the cloud. Starting from cloud readiness assessment and cloud strategy development to infrastructure setup, architecture redesign, migration, and maintenance – our specialists will support you at any stage of your cloud journey.

Cloud Services

Migration Automation

Whenever possible, we opt for automated migration methods. At ESMC we aim to automate the process using AI & Machine learning Tools.


End-to-end automation is key to implementing DevOps, our dedicated team of DevOps will understand your requirements and implement dynamic and simple workflow creation. The team will also focus on Automation tools and scripts alongside continuous Integration & Delivery, Monitoring, Logging, and Alerting. We will help you speed up time-to-market and optimize resource usage to save your costs on cloud-native application development.

Benefits to your business

Dramatically reduced cost of ownership

Organizations only pay for the resources they use, which can be a lot cheaper than buying and maintaining their hardware and software.


 Increased resilience and up-time with near-zero downtime operations.


Increased agility and flexibility.

Reduce Cost

Reduced project cost and cycle time through Automation and DevOps.


Reduced development tracks through automated landscape provisioning.


Increased capacity to support projects and upgrades.


 Innovation such as automation, Data Lakes, and AI.

Enhanced security

Cloud-based solutions can improve security by providing a more secure environment for data and applications.

Reliable Disaster Recovery

Organizations can quickly and easily recover their data if their primary data centre goes offline.

Other Cloud Services

Microsoft Azure

We have the expertise, experience, and vendor partnerships to enable organizations to get the most from their hyper-scale cloud deployments.  We have a team of certified Engineers to help you to migrate and manage services to MS Azure.

Public Sector Private Cloud

Private cloud is built specifically for the different public sectors. We work closely with different partners, and we can help migrate to Public Sector Private Cloud which is trusted by central Government departments.