Mubashir Khan

Director, Legal Advisory, Settlements

With over a decade of experience since obtaining his qualifications, Mubashir has worked extensively in both Pakistan and the United Arab Emirates, specializing in corporate, commercial, civil, employment, and personal status laws, as well as dispute resolution and settlements.


As a Legal Consultant based in Dubai, he has a profound understanding of the legal and corporate structure of the UAE and remains well-informed about the latest developments in the field.

Mubashir’s practice focuses on a wide range of legal services, including the drafting and review of various corporate and commercial agreements. Additionally, offering valuable guidance on the structuring and establishment of businesses within the UAE while ensuring compliance with legal requirements, assisting his clients in navigating labor disputes, arbitrary dismissal cases, end of service benefits and compensations, civil disputes, contractual violations, divorce proceedings, child custody matters, debt collection, enforcement of contractual obligations, rental disputes, and dispute resolution.

Mubashir has extensive expertise in the development and implementation of legal policies and practices, ensuring organizations adhere to standard compliance regulations. He takes pride in providing reliable, accurate, and timely advice on legal matters, offering well-informed insights into the potential legal implications of various corporate strategies, business initiatives, and projects.

He actively works with clients to fulfill their contractual obligations, working towards their enforcement through litigation or, when appropriate, out-of-court settlements. Notably, he recently worked on a substantial multi-million-dollar project, where he played a key role in drafting and implementing legal policies. This involved providing guidance on due diligence procedures and ensuring compliance with statutory requirements.

In summary, Mubashir’s extensive experience and expertise enable him to provide comprehensive legal services, including advisory, drafting, and enforcement assistance, committed to delivering high-quality counsel and facilitating favorable outcomes for his clients.

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