Case Management

We work on the simple principle that 90% of legal work in most cases is all about the ‘administrative and mechanical processes’; and only 10% is actual (substantive) legal advice.  So, by separating the two aspects, and letting our highly qualified lawyers focus only on the 10% advisory component, while managing the mechanics of your legal case through unregulated paralegals (at a much lower cost), you save significant amounts of money.  At the same time, our case management service ensures your legal matter runs on time and on budget.

We can also combine our internal paralegal resources with external legal expertise of the highest calibre.  We can guide you to the best legal experts that suit your requirements or work with experts of your choice.

We will ensure that all legal professionals working on your case are selected correctly, in order to put your interests before theirs.  Far too often, when clients instruct a law firm, they are surprised by the high costs of legal services, especially when little progress is made on their legal case.  That’s because the acting lawyers can put their interests first, and may take advantage of the client’s lack of understanding in a legal matter.  A Legal Case Manager, on the other hand is always on the client’s side.  It selects a team of legal representatives on the basis of proven professional track records.